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What Is Ability Manager?

Ability Manager is a DRIVE™ software based Learning Management System.

It works to identify weak links, fill knowledge gaps and heighten control of profitability and productivity.

Fully customizable, it provides the tools to track, educate and update your employees, distributors, vendors and customers with the latest policies, announcements, product information, surveys, training manuals, etc., all in real time.

The problems of running a successful business are constant:

  • Breakdowns in communication between management and staff
  • Poor understanding of industry specific terms and slang
  • Org charting or channels that don’t flow, are being diverted or are just not known
  • Sales or production “pipelines” that are stalled, clogged or being stopped
  • Out of date product information
  • Lack of company wide understanding of policy and procedures
  • Inadequate or outdated employee training
  • Weak understanding of the organization’s mission
  • Statistics that are misrepresented, misstated, not relevant or missing altogether
  • Complicated or non-existent methods to track employee training progress and ability levels
  • Projects that jump off track and stall
  • Cumbersome employee evaluations
  • Inefficient and resource intensive recruiting

Solving these problems is half of the equation. The other half is keeping them solved. Ability Manager does just that.

How do we get this done?

Here's how one company used our product to boost employee participation in increasing company profitability.

The owner of Pacific Outdoor Living, a large landscape feature company in California, was up against a common problem – a disconnect between employees and management, particularly on the issue of efficiency and the bottom line.

He created a series of short videos and written materials, with interactive surveys and tests. These were then distributed to the staff; the benefit of having everything on line meant that these could be accessed and studied off-hours or in the field.

Ability Manager’s real time dashboard was used to track, monitor and help the staff progress to completion.

The end result went beyond the owner's expectations and was immensely satisfying to the staff. Not only did the employees realize for themselves how their job and their efficiency had a direct relation to the profits and hence their pay, they also became a stronger team – even initiating better practices and solutions to “up the bottom line”.

You can read the full story here: Raising your Corporate IQ

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