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Establishing a company is always much harder than it looks. While it might seem that all you would have to do is hire experienced personnel and let them do their jobs, the real-world result is usually you working frantically just to make ends meet while wondering why employees cannot ever seem to grasp your vision and just carry it forward.

The real problem lies in the communication—or lack thereof—of the your goals, policies and know-how to the employees. If these elements could be communicated with complete understanding to the staff, and the whole group was “on the same page”, your life—not to mention the staff’s—would be far easier.

The answer lies not only in the materials with which to train personnel, but also in the training methods. How do you write up product knowledge, sales techniques, and company policy in such a way that the recipient will grasp it? How do you then know if employees have read these materials and, more importantly, understood and can apply them?

Ability Manager provides you with accurate tools to get your vision across, understood, and being acted upon. Ability Manager goes well beyond a simple e-learning application or learning management system: it is a talent development blueprint to rapid understanding of company materials. Utilizing a breakthrough multi-dimensional approach, Ability Manager is a combination of custom tailored e-learning, surveys, exams and inspections that effect rapid, precise training that produces the real-world result of understanding.

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