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It sometimes seems as if Human Resources is swimming against the tide. A company is going firmly in one direction—accomplishing their jobs—while at the same time, HR is under enormous pressure to educate executives and staff on the latest laws, company policies and regulations, benefit packages, and other materials that, in some cases, have legal compliances involved.

How do you know if an employee has read and understood a company handbook, updated sexual discrimination policy, or corporate security regulations? In addition to the daunting task of getting them to read these materials at all while their managers are pushing them to accomplish their expected duties, how can you be sure that, if they did read them, they truly understood them and can apply what they learned?

Ability Manager provides you with accurate tools to accomplish HR educational goals. Ability Manager goes well beyond a simple e-learning application or learning management system: it is a talent development blueprint to rapid understanding of company materials. Utilizing a breakthrough multi-dimensional approach, Ability Manager is a combination of custom tailored e-learning, surveys, exams and inspections that effect rapid, precise training that produces the real-world result of understanding.

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