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The marketing and sales of any product or service of course requires marketing and sales ability. But beneath that, it first requires a complete understanding of the product or service itself, along with the previous methods which have been used successfully to promote and sell it in the past.

A common barrier to successful sales and marketing efforts is non-comprehension of the product or service by sales and marketing staff, resulting in high turnover, personnel who end up failing, and company executives with sales and marketing wrapped around their necks and preventing them from fulfilling their own important duties.

Product knowledge comes about through proper training. But training often falls short due to inadequate materials, personnel resistance to training, lengthy training times, and unwieldy training management systems. And unfortunately the only measure of training success or failure is lack of sales and revenue—when it’s far too late.

Ability Manager provides you with accurate tools to get product knowledge and sales techniques rapidly understood and being used . Ability Manager goes well beyond a simple e-learning application or learning management system: it is a talent development blueprint to rapid understanding of company materials. Utilizing a breakthrough multi-dimensional approach, Ability Manager is a combination of custom tailored e-learning, surveys, exams and inspections that effect rapid, precise training that produces the real-world result of understanding.

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