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Personnel training is a vital corporate activity. Without it, staff don’t fully understand the company’s products or services, company policy, operations and other elements required for them to fully perform their duties.

A major stumbling block to getting personnel trained is their cooperation. Much of the time their own managers would rather they be working than training, and so you’re faced with a “group effort” against the training. Their objections commonly run along the lines of irrelevant training content, inefficient training technology, and overly long training times.

Ability Manager provides you with the tools to get personnel into eager cooperation through relevant content understood and being used. Ability Manager goes well beyond a simple e-learning application or learning management system: it is a talent development blueprint to rapid understanding of company materials. Utilizing a breakthrough multi-dimensional approach, Ability Manager is a combination of custom tailored e-learning, surveys, exams and inspections that effect rapid, precise training that produces the real-world result of understanding.

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