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Real Ability is the brainchild of a core group of software engineers spearheaded by three individuals: Bill Kilpatrick, Jeff Wrigley and Serge Loussinian.  These three formed the senior management team of an 85-person software company sold in the late '90s.  Soon thereafter a new organization, Real Ability, was established to solve a long list of mission-critical on-line management and training issues they confronted while directing their previous enterprise and its extensive client base.

The Breakthrough software product Ability Manager is the first of the company’s three basic pillars.

Learning Content is the second pillar.  The simple, yet ingenious content includes the suites of surveys, exams, learning content, inspections, skills libraries and org charting information necessary to swiftly raise a company’s productivity IQ.

Consulting Services is the third pillar of Real Ability.  Most companies need help in understanding how to best transform their enterprise into an effective on-line knowledge environment.  This is accomplished by Real Ability’s team of implementation experts.


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