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A consultant’s toolset must be very versatile. It must include an excellent knowledge of the subject of the consultancy, a high communication capacity, a firm grasp of the client’s processes, a ready array of bright ideas, and, when needed, a method with which to train a client’s personnel on new processes and methods. Usually this training must be done rapidly and, of course, accurately.

Many barriers can exist to such training, such as personnel resistance (who is this person?), incorrect training materials, overlong training times, ineffective training methods, and lack of accurate verification that learning has actually occurred. One or all of these can mean that you, as the consultant, don’t have repeat business with that client, and it could also mean a bad reference and reputation. Conversely, the right training tools mean success for your client, and your consultancy.

RealAbility™ provides you with the scope and accuracy of the tools needed. We goes well beyond a simple e-learning application or learning management system: it is a talent development blueprint to rapid understanding of required skills, overall processes, product knowledge, and more. Utilizing a breakthrough multi-dimensional approach, Ability Manager utilizes a combination of custom tailored e-learning, surveys, exams and inspections to effect rapid, precise training that produces the real-world result of skilled personnel.

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